Friday, February 15, 2013

Sinful colors Last Chance & Merry Mistletoe

Hi everyone :)

Please excuse my dry hands/cuticles. I have no excuses.
Well today I tried Sinful Colors Last Chance for the second time. The first time I did a mani with it my fingers were stained green. I was pretty scared to try it again, but decided I love the color so much I may as well try. The formula was a little weird. Thick and kind of hard to work with. Not extremely, but still troublesome.
I used Finger Paints Merry Mistletoe on my ring finger. I love the way it brightened Last Chance just a smidge.
Then topped everything with Revlon quick dry top coat.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ulta Salon Formula Blue Streak swatch and review

I have this gorgeous medium blue polish on right now. I think I bought it last month. All of Ulta's salon formula polishes were $2 in January for about a week. I believe the current ad is running that sale again til 2/16/13.
I love the color. It's probably my favorite blue that I own in creme finish,l but the formula gave me some trouble. It was extremely streaky the first coat and wouldn't cover the nail. Almost like it had an oily texture and wanted to stick to the brush rather than my nail. If that makes any sense? My nails were clean and dry. Also, the coat wasn't too thin.
The second coat had to be extremely thick or it wouldn't cover the nail. I'm happy it dried extremely fast though. The second coat was so thick I would have probably stood there 2 hrs before it dried, but within a few minutes it was completely dry topped with my Revlon top coat.
After top coat everything looked really nice, smooth, and shiny so I guess if you can get past the awful application of the first coat and use a super thick second coat you should be fine, and happy with the end results. It's definitely worth it. Especially with very fast dry time.
What you see is two coats with a little of China Glaze Pizzazz.