Friday, March 1, 2013

Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing comparisons

I thought I had similar polishes to Sweet Nothing in my stash, but nothing came really close. I wasn't going to post this but decided other would like to know how other Sinful Colors polishes compared to Sweet Nothing.
Index- Sinful Colors Savage (dried matte, so that was the only one I added top coat to. Can be found in he core line I believe)
Middle- Sweet Nothing (available in stores now!)
Ring- Greek Isles
Pinky- Open Seas (dupe for OPI Mermaid Tears)

Greek Isles and Open Seas were a little more green than my camera wanted to admit.

Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing

Sinful colors came out with a few new shades. I picked up most of them because they are so light and pretty.
This is Sweet Nothing. I really love this blue! Not just the color but the formula! It was easy to work with and my swatches are with a 3 day old manicure!
I know 3 days isn't a lot for some, but to me its extremely good wear since I am super hard on my hands! I wash them about 50 times a day....No, I'm not kidding. I have a crazy 2 yr old that I am constantly cleaning after, chasing, playing with, and I still can't believe there is hardly tip wear!
My index finger has a chip, probably from dishes?
I used my usual quick dry Revlon too coat and no basecoat.
Have you tried sweet nothing? Was the wear just as good?