Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sinful Colors Inkwell swatch

So, to put this lightly, I don't like this formula at all. I actually like the color, which is so close to black, but something about it is just so pretty.
You can see in the picture that this gave me a hard time. Especially on my pinky and ring fingers. I have bubbling on my index finger and ring finger. This is two coats and the first coat pulled like a SOB. The second coat was much easier but still pulled a little. Personally I wouldn't recommend this polish. The color is pretty (I LOVE my vampy colors).
But the formula isn't good. Hopefully I just picked from a bad batch! Here is the nearly black, extremely dark eggplant purple.


  1. I had the exact same problems when I applied inkwell. It's been over an hour and it hasn't dried yet. I usually really like Sinful Colors but this color and a few others have been a disappointment. Sucks because the shade is gorgeous!

    1. I'm sorry you had the same problems. It's such a difficult formula. I just don't understand how they would approve that to be released. It's really hard to wrap around the tips of the nail and just not worth the trouble.

  2. For me, it went on perfectly fine (except for taking an extremely long time to dry).