Saturday, January 26, 2013

Swatch of Ulta Blues Cruise and Lav-ish

The first swatch is Ulta Blues Cruise. A blue glitter in a sheer blue tinted jelly base.
I used 3 coats alone with no top coat. This is definitely a polish that needs a base. I was thinking of trying it over Revlon Royal.
Sometimes I get a tone of purple.

The Second swatch is Ulta Lav-ish. This dusty purple is very pretty but pretty sheer. It has a pink gold shimmer that can be seen very easily in person. I used three thin coats. No top coat. This plus my favorite of the two. I really love how it is very smokey looking. It also reminds me of a Zoya polish that I can't remember the name of. I think it was in the Tru collection. I'm sure they aren't dupes just very similar because I don't recall that Zoya polish being so smokey looking.

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