Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Big Hair Big Nails by OPI

Hi everyone! This is my first blog as you can see. I've been wanting to start blogging for some time and finally got to it.
I love reading reviews on just about everything. Most of all nail polish! So I am finally starting my own blog on....drum roll please!!!!!
Yes. Yes. You guessed it.
Makeup! Haha just kidding :) definitely nail polish.
To start this off I have a gorgeous "sorbet" from OPI. Which the rest of us know it as a jelly.
Big Hair...Big Nails is a red toned coral. While I had this on my hands I could not stop looking at my hands. Even while driving I would stop and admire them. At stop lights of course!
I read a few reviews on this and some called it "red" or "cherry red." With my skin tone it is definitely coral.
The formula on this was very sheer but glided on like butter.
Drying time was extremely fast. I only did two coats because I didn't have much time.
This is in clearance at Ulta. My Ulta takes forever to mark down their clearance items so I picked this up for $6.49.


  1. Well I'm glad to have the honour to be the first person who ever commented in your blog :) That color looks fantastic!

  2. I love this color and the formula on these 'sorbets' are awesome! I'm looking for the button to follow you but I can't find it ):

    1. I have no idea. I only use Blogger on my phone so I don't get to see or do too much. I usually just enter the web address on my home page and click add :)