Thursday, October 11, 2012

Essence nail effects topper Night in Vegas

Hi everyone! I have an amazing budget friendly flakie to show off. That amazing polish is Essence special effects topper, Night in Vegas. It flashes orange, to yellow, and green. In the bottle I also see a little blue/purple, but I didn't see that translate to the nail. I'm thinking it could possibly be my base color that doesn't allow the blue/purple to translate.
I chose China Glaze Prey Tell as my base which is a very dark burgundy. Looks very vampy.
It's funny because I was trying to decide between a few of the China Glaze On Safari collection for my manicure today. I think it had a lot to do with seeing the previews for Disney's African Cats. My toddler loves anything to do with lions. So I had to watch that movie with him.
But we only have two blockbusters, and one is closing down. I couldn't find African Cats for rent about a week ago, but when we went to the one closing I found it to own for $.99 today. I nearly jumped for joy, but retained myself.
I didn't even notice it at first. It was in an all white dvd case that had African Cats written on it. When I went up to purchase the movie the manager told me that no one has ever rented it because they didn't know what it was. So the movie was BRAND NEW! I got extemely lucky. We came home to watch it right away and my son was roaring and on all fours for half of the movie. It was extremely cute.
Wow, that was way off topic! Sorry for that.
The primary color of Night in Vegas is orange and that's mostly the color you see when their isn't a good amount of light. The color shift isn't extremely strong but its still very good. I love the formula. Night in Vegas dries pretty dull so you will definitely need to add a top coat!
A huge bonus for me is that it wasn't thick at all and glided on like butter.
I had a hard time with China Glaze Luxe and Lush and was a little hesitant that this polish would be just as thick and hard to apply, but it was no where close.
Here are the pictures taken from my phone. I used two thin coats of Prey Tell and one thin coat of Night in Vegas. I purchased Essence Night in Vegas at my local Fred Meyers. Which is also a sister company of Fry's and a few other stores that aren't located where I live. I would check out those stores if you can't find the special effect toppers at Ulta, or where you purchase Essence.

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